Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities

Who We Are

APLM is an informal, unincorporated group of municiplities that have agreed to work together for the betterment of Pigeon lake and its greater community.

Municipalities around Pigeon Lake working together...

The Summer Villages...  Sundance Beach, Itaska Beach, Golden Days, Argentia Beach, Silver Beach, 

MaMeO Beach, Norris Beach, Crystal Springs, Grandview and Poplar Bay...And Leduc County

Regular Guests

  • PLWA representative(s)
  • Representative from Association of Summer Villages (ASVA) 
  • Environment SRD Representative(s)


APLM Meetings

APLM is a discussion forum where Elected Officials can discuss consistent support for project,  consistent policies and bylaws

  • Through communication, member Councils see points of commonality;

  • Joint discussions allow Municipal Councils in the region to have a unified focus;

  • The residents in Summer Villages and Leduc County both have long histories in Alberta, they have skills, experiences and connections in many sectors:  education, health, agriculture, government, business and industry. 

  • They can bring many talents to bear to the challenges facing the region.

The Municipal Government Act requires municipalities make independent decisions.  Elected officials are the Policy Makers. APLM recommendations for action and suggested solutions are taken back to each member municipality who approve it.  The APLM has no authority to commit any municipal members to a course of action.

Mission Statement - Vision

To work together to create and implement strategies that support the Vision:  of Pigeon Lake as a safe, healthy and vibrant recreational community that offers residents and visitors --- all Albertans --- a great place to live and play.


Our Partnership in Restoring the Water Quality of Pigeon Lake

May 2012 – ESRD (Chris Teichreb) presented report Lake and Watershed Management Options for Control of Nuisance Blue-Green Algal Blooms in Pigeon Lake
It included 35 options available and identified which options would apply, might apply, and don’t apply to Pigeon Lake.
On September 1st, 2012 at the PLWA Leadership Meeting it was suggested APLM members be involved in review of “Would Apply” and “Might Apply” options

So APLM formed 3 subcommittees to review Options. The three subcommittees were:

  • Chemical/Mechanical
  • Alternative Strategies
  • Water Augmentation

Each subcommittee included at least one APLM member as chair.  

In Nov 2013 APLM Board determined the best way forward was to establish an In-Lake Technical Sub-committee.

The purpose of the In-Lake Technical Sub-committee is to involve scientists with expertise to create an In-Lake Action plan.  In February, 2014 a 2-day work shop was held to discuss feasible options.  Since then the Committee has sampling water and lake sediments.  Each piece of information reveals whether and how to proceed with a pilot test for phosphorus inactivation, if regulatory approvals can be obtained.

A past member of the Sylvan Lake Management Society said,

“When you live on a lake it only makes sense to work together – no one municipality can make a decision without the others bearing the consequences. You all have a role in lake management and stewardship.”

(Bev Anderson from SV Norglenwold, Exec Dir of ASVA)

This region is awakening to the wonderful strength and potential that can be ours by working together!

Please encourage your local elected officials in the Pigeon Lake region as they commit their efforts and municipal funding to this and other important projects on your behalf.

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