The Function of APLM

Posted on Thursday September 04, 2014 at 11:30AM

APLM began in 1987 as a way for Summer Villages to talk to the two Counties in the region of Pigeon Lake, that is, to facilitate communication. APLM was a loose group that is now evolving and dealing with issues with more unity.

“It’s totally different now. Conveying information to the Minister of Environment. She wants one voice from Pigeon Lake” Pete Langelle, Summer Village of MaMeO Beach, Board Member of ASVA
At the cheque presentation to PLWA for the $35,000 Community Initiatives Grant, Minister McQueen expressed her delight that APLM had achieved unity as a group seeking to address concerns caused by Blue-green Algae.

As successful grant funding indicates, Provincial priorities are for municipalities to work together --- there is funding available for that. In fact, there is a lot of collaboration in the region right now:
- A plan for road maintenance and construction,
- Joint efforts with Fire Departments,
- Collective meetings regarding sewer construction.
We haven’t even explored other possibilities: Regional recycling, tourism, business development!

Author: Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities


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