Critical Path - APLM Action

Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2016 at 08:34PM

  1.  Work in partnership    with    PLWA          and Alberta Environment, ASVA and others
  2. Be informed by science
  3. Ensure regulatory approvals are in place
  4. Ensure funding available prior to embarking on implementation
APLM - In-Lake Options PLWA - Watershed Options

 --> Both together for optimal results

In-Lake Technical Committee
--> Sequestering Phosphorus - finish investigation
Use sediment testing/location of chemical remediation
Period that effect is sustained?

-->  Bio-remediation with U of A
Analysis of Yr 1 field data collection
Yr 2 field data collection & analysis
Species removal/introduction - ?

--> Harvester
Specifics:  equipment, disposal
Cost/benefit analysis
Funding approval of Alberta Cooperation Grant
Regulatory approval required
Source - equipment/arrange disposal
Ready for implementation - Date - TBA
Period that effect is sustained?

Author: Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities


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